Love Is The Theme…

Enjoy Prosperity While You Can


“Enjoy prosperity while you can,
but when hard times strike,realize that both come from God.
Remember that nothing is certain in this life”(Ecclesiastes 7:14)

When I was young,
When I was healthy,
When I wore nice robes,
When my life was happy and I had friends,
I thanked the Lord,
For his abundant blessings,

Times have changed,
Now I have gray hair,
My body is weak and tired,
My clothes are worn out,
My friends are all gone,
And happiness seems so far away,

Yet I will praise the Lord,
For as he blessed me plentifully before,
He is still blessing me with spiritual growth,
My Joy in the Lord shall not rely on earthly possessions,
For my treasure in heaven is what I eagerly long for.


July 1, 2006 - Posted by | Christianity, Devotionals, Inspirational Words, Verse Reflections


  1. This is AWESOME!!! 🙂

    The heart is that speaks in every literature… and this my friend is an awesome piece… very moving and inspired 🙂

    well written

    -Marco de Jesus

    Comment by Marco de Jesus | July 5, 2006 | Reply

  2. Hi Marco,

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    Your Poems are wonderful too!!! I hope to evolve from freestyle to a more formal way of writing once i build up my vocabulary a little bit.


    Comment by christiekk | July 6, 2006 | Reply

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