Love Is The Theme…

I Don’t Know This Man…..


Have you ever been betrayed? Has someone ever let you down just at the moment you needed their support?  Have you ever been left outside in the cold after receiving someone’s promise of unfailing love and protection? Then you might start to understand how Jesus felt..Only start….He was not only betrayed by the same bride He had come for…No, she did worse than that: She.mocked Him…dragged Him in the dirt…..and finally nailed Him to the cross… Throughout the ordeal, not once did Jesus deny her….He died out of love for her…He died to fulfill the prophecies….Today, we still ignore our promised One. We put Him in closets, we chose to ignore Him when it is convenient to us, we do not stand up for Him when confronted by others…..haven’t we learned from the past?

The bride has fled,

She has scurried into the night

As her groom was captured,

She broke her promise and left. 

“Even if I have to die with you,

I will never deny you” 

Lies, lies, lies,

Lies she whispered to Him,

Lies she told in the times of happiness.

Now that the heavens have darkened grimly,

She denies ever knowing her lover. 

“A curse on me if I’m lying,I don’t know the man” 

Lies, lies, lies

From the same lips that kissed Him before.

She has forsaken the One.  

As He is taken away,

Dragged from court to court,

He receives the same verdict from her  


“He deserves to die” 

Yes! Guilty of wholeheartedly loving her,

Guilty of surrendering to the Father’s will.

And even as He hangs on the cross,

He still proclaims His enduring love. 

“Father forgive them,For they don’t know what they are doing”


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