Love Is The Theme…

My Prayer For You…




~ My Prayer For You~ 


Awake! O Beloved

 As God majestically unveils

Nature drenched in morning dew.

Arise! O Treasure

And feel on your cheeks

 The softness of His breath.


I pray that He will bless you

And cause your cup of love to run over.

May you clothe yourself with humility,

And take the arms of wisdom.

May kindness be your companion,

Gentleness and goodness your shadows.


I pray that the sky will be the limit,

To your arms outstretched to praise Him

May you faithfully follow Him

Into the path of righteousness,

Whether it is strewn with lilacs,

Or full of thorns.


I pray that His peace will be upon you,

And joy will lighten up your heart.

May you in His loving embrace,

Find comfort and solace.

May you upon His breast,

Lay your head and rest.



 © Christie 2006


October 26, 2006 - Posted by | Christianity, Inspirational Words

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