Love Is The Theme…

I Will Wake the Dawn With My Song…


~I Will Wake the Dawn With My Song~

My heart is confident in you, O God
my heart is confident.
No wonder I can sing your praises!
Wake up, my heart!
Wake up, O lyre and harp!
I will wake the dawn with my song.
I will thank you, Lord, among all the people.
I will sing your praises among the nations.
For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens.
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

(Psalm 57:7-10)




Mornings, mornings…How does one salute a new day? It is not rare to awaken exhausted and the mind already busy with the items on one’s to-do list or whatever one fell asleep pondering over. There is also, quite often, the quick jump out of the bed because somehow that alarm clock just wasn’t loud enough! Some mornings it is comforting to peek through half-closed eyes to observe with delight that one can go back to sleep…even for just 5 more minutes.


David rose in the morning with a song of praise to God, his heart full of passion. He placed his confidence in the almighty and chose not to worry about what laid in the future. The precious time that we should spend with God can get diluted in our haste to press the resume button and continue with our lives. Do we take the time to savor the natural symphony of God’s creation, and to praise Him? We can get wrapped up in our problems to the point that we forget God is in control.

David’s words of praise are a gentle reminder to arise in unison with the rest of God’s creation and to celebrate His glory.



October 31, 2006 - Posted by | Christianity, Devotionals, Inspirational Words, Verse Reflections


  1. I love that sunset picture… wow!

    In Jesus
    Maria in the UK

    Comment by Maria Toth | October 31, 2006 | Reply

  2. Breathtaking picture indeed!

    God Bless.

    Comment by christiekk | October 31, 2006 | Reply

  3. very beautiful pictures and inspirational words!

    Comment by clarisse | December 24, 2006 | Reply

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